How Much Does Birthday Party Cost at Burger King?

Planning a birthday party at Burger King is an exciting decision. You want to make your birthday special, memorable, funny with freinds or family. Burger King’s flame-grilled Whopper Home is gaining traction as a potential party venue. Now you are wondering whether it is economical and will not put much burden on your pocket. How much does a birthday party cost at Burger King? This is a common question and concern.

Here you can get all the necessary information about the birthday party cost at Burger King.

How Much Birthday Party Cost at Burger King?

How Much Does Birthday Party Cost at Burger King

A small birthday party for kinds at Burger King can cost between $50-$100, although it is difficult to determine the exact cost of a birthday party at Burger King. Many factors affect the final cost of a birthday party at BK which are listed below.

  • Guest Count: More guests will eat more food items which simply means the cost of the party will be higher.
  • Food Choices: If you stick to the basics like burgers and fries your budget will be limited, but when you opt for a wider selection like drinks, desserts, and party gifts, costs will naturally be higher.
  • Location: Prices may vary slightly depending on the location of Burger King restaurant.

How to Find Birthday Party Package at Burger King?

Burger King does not advertise any party packages so these may be a little difficult to find but you can follow some of the options below.

  • The DIY Route: Order food at Burger King, this method works great for small birthday parties at BK stores. This will allow you to customize the menu based on your budget and guest preferences. You can find Burger King’s menu prices on our website.
  • Catering Minimums: Some Burger King restaurants partner with catering services and are more likely to offer party packages with set BK menus. Packages range from $50 to $100 or higher, depending on location. For this, you can search “Burger King Catering service near me” in any browser.

Estimate a Birthday Party Cost at Burger King

Here are some strategies for estimating the cost of your birthday party at Burger King.

  1. Guest List: You need to know the exact number of guests before ordering so you can have flexibility in choosing the menu.
  2. Menu Selections: Consider the King Jr. meals option at Burger King Jr., which is a better offering than single-item orders. You can add some additional crowns, decorative, friezes, and onion rings to create a party atmosphere.
  3. Check Final Price: Check the price from our website or BK website or app and add your selected menu items to your cart. By doing this exercise you will know the real cost of the party before taxes.
  4. Factor Extras: Don’t forget to add important costs like balloons, party gifts, and birthday cake.

How Much Birthday Party Cost at Burger King for 10 Kids?

We can calculate the price if the number of guests in your birthday party is 10 children. For this calculation, I take popular Burger King menu items that kids love.

Whopper Jr 10$5.69$56.99
Honest Kids Apple Juice Drink10$1.99$19.90
French Fries10$3.69$36.90
Total Amount Before Tax$103.77

As stated earlier, you should choose from Burger King’s King Jr. meals so that you can save some money. Let us understand with an example how much a birthday party at Burger King will cost if we choose from the Junior Meal instead of choosing from different options.

If you choose the Junior Meal from the nearest Burger King in New York, you will get four options. I’m choosing “Cheeseburger King Jr. meals” which includes a cheeseburger, an apple juice, a value french fry, and a toy that costs $6.49. That means $6.49 for one child and $64.90 for 10 children with free toys.

How Much Birthday Party Cost at Burger King for 10 Adults?

If you want to celebrate an adult’s birthday at Burger King, the cost may vary. To test this, we calculated the average cost of Burger King’s Classic Whopper Medium for one adult, which is $12.49, and for 10 people, it comes to $124.90 without tax. Adding more food such as fries, drinks, onion rings, and other items can increase the cost to $200.

Tips for Saving Birthday Cost at Burger King

  • Coupons and Deals: Burger King often offers coupons and deals which you will also find in your BK account. Check these before finalizing your order to potentially reduce costs.
  • Avoid Peak Time: Try if possible to host the party during non-peak hours, such as noon, can allow you to take advantage of lunch deals or pricing.
  • DIY Decorations: Customize your birthday decorations with your ideas and stuff, like balloons and streamers, to add a festive touch without breaking the bank..
  • Potluck Approach: You might consider a potluck-style element in which some guests contribute side dishes or desserts to ease the burden on you.


Hope you will get a clear idea of “How much des birthday party cost at Burger King?” If you want a small birthday party, Burger King can be an affordable option. By planning right for menu selection, using coupon codes, offers, and some DIY elements, you can make your birthday party memorable without spending a fortune.

Remember, the most important thing is to create a happy and fun atmosphere for the birthday hero and your guests.

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