Burger King New Drink Launched (Frozen Cotton Candy)

Summer, sunshine, and holidays are synonymous with refreshing dishes. If you’re a fan of Burger King drinks, they have a countless drink menu. Recently in April 2024, Burger King new drink entered the beverage menu with a retro twist “Frozen Cotton Candy“.

This vibrant blue drink has captured the hearts of many since its launch, providing a cool and delicious respite from the summer heat. But what exactly is Burger King New Drink sweet feeling, and is it worth the hype?

How Many Burger King New Drink Launched in April?

Burger King New Drink Launched (Frozen Cotton Candy)

Burger King only launched one drink for a limited time but it has two versions named Frozen Cotton Candy and Frozen Cotton Candy Cloud. The BK candy drink, with its addition of blue raspberries, offers a vintage and refreshing taste. A cloudy or icy drink similar to a frozen blue raspberry drink. It is perfect for a hot day.

What is in Cotton Candy Cloud?

Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy is not your average soda. It’s a frozen drink inspired by the beloved carnival treat. Here are some of the key features that you will get from BK’s cotton candy;

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet and whimsical cotton candy flavor with a touch of blue raspberry, you can get a fantastic and refreshing taste after this unique combination that is perfect for a hot summer day.
  • Texture: It’s like a slushy or icy drink, similar to a frozen blue raspberry drink with crushed ice providing a pleasant texture to the sweet syrup.
  • The “Cloud” Option: Most Burger Kings offer both versions of the upgraded “Frozen Cotton Candy Cloud“. The BK Candy Cloud consists of a piece of cold foam on top of a frozen drink. The cold foam, lighter and airier than whipped cream, creates a visually stunning cloud effect, adding a touch of whimsy to the drink.

Burger King Cotton Candy Drink Price

As far as the price of Burger King Cotton Candy Drink is concerned, the price may vary depending on the store location. I took the prices listed here from Burger King New York.

ItemPrice (S)Price (M)Price (L)
Frozen Cotton Candy $1.69$4.69$5.19
Frozen Cotton Candy Cloud$2.69$4.69$5.19
Note: If you purchase Frozen Cotton Candy Clouds using the offer or promo code it will cost $1.49 for medium, which is only for a limited time. Here you can get all Burger King Menu price list.

Is BK New Drink Frozen Cotton Candy for Limited Time?

The Frozen Cotton Candy promotion is being described as a limited-time offer on Burger King’s official website, which simply means it won’t be a permanent feature on the Burger King menu. So, if you are enjoying this sweet sensation, it is advisable to savor it before it ends.

Pros & Cons Frozen Cotton Candy

Whether frozen cotton candy lives up to the hype depends on consumer preferences. To help you decide, we have done an analysis that you can follow.

  • Pros: This is a great way to stay fresh this summer. The pairing of sweet cotton candy and tart blue raspberries will refresh your memories. The frozen texture is perfect for a hot day, and the “cloud” option view makes you feel like the sky is close.
  • Cons: Due to the potentially high sugar content, it may not be suitable for everyone’s dietary needs. Sweeteners may not be good for some people.

How To Find Burger King New Drink?

While frozen cotton candy is the star of today, it won’t last forever. Burger King is always introducing new and exciting drink menus for limited-time offers. If you want to stay up to date on Burger King’s new beverage offerings, here you follow our tips;

  • Our Website: This is dedicated website for Burger King Menu items, we regualr update information, you can bookmark our website or subscribe our push notification.
  • Burger King Website: Keep an eye on Burger King’s official website for promotion or announcement of new menu items, including drinks.
  • Burger King App: Download the Burger King app for easy access to the latest offers, deals, promotions and special menus.
  • Social Media: Burger King often uses its Twitter and Facebook pages to announce exciting new menu items and promotions, including new beverages. So you have to follow these official pages to get the latest news and offers.


Burger King’s new drink, Frozen Cotton Candy, is a delightful summer drink option, especially for those who want to enjoy something sweet and nostalgic. If you are looking for a sugar-free or low-calorie drink, this is not for you. You are advised to choose something else. However, ultimately the decision depends on you.

So, next time you want something good, visit Burger King and see if Burger King has come out with new drinks. However, the BK Cotton Candy Cloud might be the perfect blast to beat the heat.

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