Burger King Menu Schweiz Prices

Burger King Switzerland offers a wide range of delicious meals, including its Classic Whopper. If you are looking for the Burger King Menu Schweiz Prices, you are on the right website. Here you can get all latest Burger King Prix Menu.

Burger King is always experimenting with new recipes to adopt local flavor, offers, promo codes to attract foodie in Switzerland. Its flame-grilled cooking method cooks the food perfectly and sets it apart from all other fast food restaurants.

The Burger King Swiss menu offers you several categories such as Swiss Selection, Chicken Kings, Flame-Grilled Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Veggies, Wraps, Salads, Snacks, Desserts, Shakes, Drinks, Dips, King Junior, Limited Time Offers and King Deal. Here you choose any delicious meal from our Burger King Schweiz Menu with Prices.

Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the world and has over the 90 BK stores in Switzerland. Burger King is known for its Whopper Sandwich, an iconic item, which is the best excellent example of great taste and flavor. They use the flame grill cooking method which always gives uniform texture, color and cooking results.

In this article you will get all the Burger King Switzerland prices, Burger King Breakfast Menu, Burger King Time and much more. We provide all BK meals with prices and calories that are available in Switzerland.

Burger King Menu Schweiz Prices

I understand that you are hungry and looking for Burger King Menu Schweiz prices so that you can choose the best dishes from BK that can satisfy your food cravings. Take a minute to check out Burger King Switzerland prices by category;

Burger King Swiss Selection

Burger King Swiss Selection is the right choice for you, if you are looking delicious meal that gives value for money with local flavor options. Keep in mind this section is constantly changing.

Burger King Switzerland prices
Rösti AppenzellerCHF 15.40
Rösti Appenzeller Menu LargeCHF 21.90
Mushroom Le Gruyère AOPCHF 15.40
Mushroom Le Gruyère AOP Menu LargeCHF 21.90
Double Mushroom Le Gruyère AOPCHF 18.40
Double Mushroom Le Gruyère AOP Menu LargeCHF 24.90

Burger King Chicken Kings

If you are avoing beef or looking for chicken dish from Burger King Swisse then you must try Burger King Chicken Kings Menu. These are the great way to get flavored chicken at affordable price point.

Supreme Classic CHF 12.90
Supreme Classic Menu LargeCHF 18.90
Supreme SpicyCHF 12.90
Supreme Spicy Menu LargeCHF 18.90

Burger King Flame-Grilled Burger

Burger King Flamed-Grilled is the section that BK is famous for, here you can also get its Classic Whopper. If you’re looking for a beef burger, you’ll find it all here using a flamed grill that ensures your dish is cooked to perfection.

Burger King Switzerland prices
Rösti AppenzellerCHF 15.40
Rösti Appenzeller Menu LargeCHF 21.90
Mushroom Le Gruyère AOPCHF 15.40
Mushroom Le Gruyère AOP Menu LargeCHF 21.90
Double Mushroom Le Gruyère AOPCHF 18.40
Double Mushroom Le Gruyère AOP Menu LargeCHF 24.90
WhopperCHF 8.90
Whopper Menu LargeCHF 15.40
Double Whopper CHF 10.90
Double Whopper Menu LargeCHF 17.40
Tripple WhopperCHF 12.90
Tripple Whopper Menu LargeCHF 19.40
Steakhouse Burger CHF 10.40
Steakhouse Burger Menu LargeCHF 16.90
Double SteakhouseCHF 12.40
Double Steakhouse Burger Menu LargeCHF 18.90
Bacon KingCHF 12.40
Bacon King Menu LargeCHF 18.90
Double Bacon KingCHF 14.40
Double Bacon King Menu LargeCHF 20.90
Big KingCHF 8.40
Big King Menu LargeCHF 14.90
Big King XXLCHF 11.40
Big King XXL Menu LargeCHF 17.90
Extra Long Chili CheeseCHF 9.90
Extra Long Chili Cheese Menu LargeCHF 16.40
Whopper Jr.CHF 7.90
Whopper Jr. Menu LargeCHF 14.40
Double CheeseburgerCHF 6.40
Double Cheeseburger LargeCHF 12.90
CheeseburgerCHF 3.40
HamburgerCHF 2.90

Burger King Chicken Burgers

The Burger King Swisse menus offers a wide variety of sandwiches including beef, chicken, and vegetables at affordable prices without compromising on quality and flavor. If you are looking for Burger King Chicken Burgers in Switzerland, here you can get all Chicken burger menu prices.

Supreme ClassicCHF 12.90
Supreme Classic Menu Large CHF 18.90
Supreme SpicyCHF 12.90
Supreme Spicy Menu LargeCHF 18.90
Long ChickenCHF 8.90
Long Chicken Large MenuCHF 15.40
Crispy ChickenCHF 7.90
Crispy Chicken Menu LargeCHF 14.40
4 Chicken Strips Menu LargeCHF 14.90

Burger King Veggies & More

Burger King takes care of all its customers, even if they are vegetarian. If you’re a vegetarian and looking for a Burger King veggie burger, this Burger King veggie menu is just for you, made from 100% plant meat but tastes just like meat.

Cajun Veggie KingCHF 11.40
Cajun Veggie King Menu LargeCHF 17.90
Long Cajun VeggieCHF 11.40
Long Cajun Veggie Menu LargeCHF 17.90
Long VeggieCHF 8.90
Long Veggie Menu LargeCHF 15.40
Veggie WhopperCHF 8.90
Veggie Whopper Menu LargeCHF 15.40
Veggie Double WhopperCHF 10.90
Veggie Double Whopper Menu LargeCHF 17.40
Veggie Tripple WhopperCHF 12.90
Veggie Tripple Whopper Menu LargeCHF 19.40
Veggie Fakon KingCHF 12.40
Veggie Fakon King Menu LargeCHF 18.90
Veggie Double Fakon KingCHF 14.40
Veggie Double Fakon King Menu LargeCHF 20.90
Veggie Big King XXLCHF 11.40
Veggie Big King XXL Menu LargeCHF 17.90
Veggie SteakhouseCHF 10.40
Veggie Steakhouse Menu LargeCHF 16.90
Veggie Double SteakhouseCHF 12.40
Veggie Double Steakhouse Menu LargeCHF 18.90
Veggie RöstiCHF 11.40
Veggie Rösti Menu LargeCHF 17.90
Veggie Rösti DoubleCHF 13.40
Veggie Rösti Double Menu LargeCHF 19.90
4 Veggie NuggetsCHF 5.40
6 Veggie NuggetsCHF 7.90
9 Veggie Nuggets CHF 10.40
20 Veggie NuggetsCHF 15.90

Burger King‘s Wraps

If you are looking for a light meal at Burger King Switzerland, you should choose a meal from the Burger King Wrap menu. Available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers with great flavors that you can customize.

Chicken Wrap CHF 11.40
Chicken Wrap Menu Large CHF 15.40
Veggie WrapCHF 11.40
Veggie Wrap Menu LargeCHF 15.40

Burger King‘s Salad

If you are health conscious then you should opt for Burger King’s salad menu, which not only gives you an energy boost but also saves you from fatty foods. Here you can find the list on our Burger King Menu Schweiz Prices.

Burger King Salad
Delight Salad CHF 8.90
Delight Salad Menu Large CHF 10.90
Chicken Salad CHF 10.90
Chicken Salad Menu Large CHF 12.90
Veggie Salad CHF 9.90
Veggie Salad Menu Large CHF 11.90

Burger King Snacks

Burger King offers a variety of snakcs its menu items in Switzerland. We’ve listed all the Burger King Snacks, although the exact selection may vary by your location, here’s their Burger King menu prices;

BK King Fries Cheese & Bacon CHF 5.90
BK KING Fries Chili & CheeseCHF 5.90
BK KING Fries LargeCHF 4.40
4 BK NuggetsCHF 5.40
6 BK NuggetsCHF 7.90
9 BK NuggetsCHF 10.40
20 BK NuggetsCHF 15.90
4 Veggie NuggetsCHF 5.40
6 Veggie NuggetsCHF 7.90
9 Veggie NuggetsCHF 10.40
20 Veggie NuggetsCHF 15.90
6 Chili Cheese NuggetsCHF 6.40
9 Chili Cheese NuggetsCHF 8.90
12 Chili Cheese NuggetsCHF 10.40
20 Chili Cheese NuggetsCHF 16.90
4 Chicken StripsCHF 8.40
6 Chicken StripsCHF 10.40
6 KING WingsCHF 8.90
9 KING WingsCHF 11.90
12 KING WingsCHF 15.40
20 KING WingsCHF 18.40
6 KING Onion RingsCHF 4.90
9 KING Onion RingsCHF 5.90
12 KING Onion RingsCHF 6.90
20 KING Onion RingsCHF 9.40
4 Chedder StarsCHF 5.40
6 Chedder StarsCHF 6.40
9 Chedder StarsCHF 8.40

Burger King Deserts

Burger King Switzerland offers several dessert options. If you want something sweet after the meal, you can choose from sundaes, shakes, ice creams, and more. Here is the full list of BK Sweets menu available in Switzerland.

Waffle With Nutella CHF 4.40
King Fusion with NutellaCHF 4.40
Mini King Fusion with NutellaCHF 2.90
KING Sundae with NutellaCHF 3.90
Waffle with chocolate sauceCHF 3.90
Waffle with chocolate sauce and ice creamCHF 4.40
Hot BrownieCHF 4.40
King Shake OREOCHF 5.90
King Shake VanillaCHF 5.90
KING Fusion OREOCHF 4.40
KING Sundae ChocolateCHF 3.90
KING Sundae CaramelCHF 3.90
Soft Serve ConeCHF 2.25

Burger King Drinks

Looking for bewerage at Burger King Suisse Menu, BK offers a wide range of refreshing drinks including cold drink and hot drinks which are essential after the meal. Here is the list of Burger King Bewerage menu.

Coca-Cola CHF 3.90
Coca-Cola ZeroCHF 3.90
FantaCHF 3.90
SpriteCHF 3.90
FuseteaCHF 3.90
Granini Orange Juice 3.3 DLCHF 3.90
Valser Flat 5 DLCHF 3.90
Red Bull Energy DrinkCHF 3.90
Red Bull Sugar FreeCHF 3.90
Red Bull ApricotCHF 3.90
Monster Energy DrinkCHF 3.50
Beer Feldschlösschen 5 DLCHF 4.90

Burger King “King Junior”

If you are looking for delicious food for your kids on the Burger King Switzerland menu, there are many options that you can choose from for your kids. Here is the Burger King prix menu junior.

King Junior Menu Hamburger CHF 7.90
King Junior Menu CheeseburgerCHF 7.90
King Junior Menu BK NuggetsCHF 7.90
King Junior Menu Veggie NuggetsCHF 7.90
Fruit Mix CompoteCHF 1.95
Danonino Yogurt DrinkCHF 1.90

Burger King Dips (Sauces)

Enhancing the flavor of your food, adopting local taste, or standardizing then you should try Burger King’s Dip sauces. Burger King serves a wide range of sauces in Switzerland. Here is the price list;

Henz KetchupCHF 0.50
Henz Mayonnaise DipCHF 0.50
BBQ Sauce DipCHF 0.50
Garlic Sauce DipCHF 0.50
Sweet and Sour DipCHF 0.50
Sour Cream DipCHF 0.50
Chili Cheese DipCHF 0.50
Tartar DipCHF 0.50
Curry Dip CHF 0.50

Whats on Burger King Breakfast Menu in Switzerland

If you are looking for Burger King breakfast menu items in Switzerland, there is a limited dedicated breakfast menu items, although you can order other Burger King menu items for breakfast from its all day menu.

Enjoy breakfast at Burger King Swiss, whether sweet or savory, BK Schweiz has something you’ll love. Add your favorite delicious hot beverage of choice and much more. Here are the Burger King breakfast menu items which is available.

Bacon & Cheese CHF 4.40
PancakeCHF 2.90
Chicken Croissan’wichCHF 4.90
Croissan’wich With EggCHF 4.40
BK CafeCHF 3.40
Hot TeaCHF 2.90

Burger King Opening Time

Monday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM–02:00 AM
Saturday11:00 AM–02:00 AM
Sunday11:00 AM–11:00 PM

Burger King King Breakfast Hours

Burger King Switzerland has a dedicated breakfast menu but there is no clear indication about breakfast hours. Although Burger King serves breakfast from 6 am to 10:30 am, on weekends it closes the breakfast counter at 11:00 am.

Some Burger King stores in Switzerland serve food 24/7, so they are more likely to have a breakfast time. If you are searching for Burger King Breakfast Hours then you should visit your nearest Burger King restaurant or check on the official website or app to get the exact information about it.

Burger King King Lunch Hours

Burger King Switzerland does not specifically specify “lunch hours” on its menu. Although they do have a breakfast menu, so you would be best off ordering lunch after 10:30am, it is worth mentioning that Burger King offers almost all of their menu all day long. If you are looking for a Burger King lunch menu with prices in Swiss, you can choose any meal that we have listed in this article above by category.

Monday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Sunday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Note: Most Burger King operating hours are from 11 am to 11 pm in Switzerland but can vary depending on the BK restauran location, with Burger King operating hours varying significantly. It is advisable to visit the official website or your nearest Burger King store to know the exact operating hours.To find more details Burger King Switerland

Is Burger King is Halal in Switzerland?

Burger King Switzerland is not Halal certified, but if you are looking for Halal food in Burger King, then you will get the exact information from your nearest Burger King store. Although we have thoroughly researched their website, we have not found any kind of Halal certification.

If you are a Muslim, I respect your food habits, so I would advise you to directly contact your nearest Burger King store, only they will be able to give you the correct information.


Does Burger King Have Rewards in Switzerland?

Yes, Burger King provides rewards to its customers in the name of Royal Perks. We have a dedicated article on how you can earn Burger King Rewards.

Does Burger King Offer Breakfast In Switzerland?

Yes, Burger King Swiss offers a dedicated breakfast menu with less options, but you can choose any meals from BK menus and customized as per your requirements.

What is A Big King at Burger King Switzerland?

The Big King in Burger King Switzerland is a double cheeseburger with the same ingredients that Big King offers in other countries.

How Many Burger King are there in Switzerland?

Burger King has more than 90 stores in Switzerland, but there have been no official announcement. If you want real-time information then do visit the official website and find new section.

Does Burger King Cook Their Burgers on a Grill?

Burger King cooked their burgers on a gas grill in the restaurant’s beginnings, and as early as 1954 they cooked their burgers using a flame-grill, which proved superior in every way and the cooking method is still in use today.

Who is the owner of Burger King Switzerland?

Burger King Switzerland is owned by BKS Group, the company was founded in 2014, it holds the master franchise of Burger King Switzerland.

When does Burger King Open in Switzerland?

The average opening time of Burger King Swiss is 11 am and closing time is 11 pm, but it may vary depending on your nearest BK store.

What is the Most Popular Menu of Burger King?

The grilled burger is Burger King’s most popular menu item in Switzerland. It is famous for its cooking method that preserves the flavor and juice in the meal so you can get a delicious, juicy taste every time.


We are at the end of this “Burger King Menu Schweiz Prices” article, hope you got all the Burger King Pricing information with calories. Burger King offers a wide range of fast food options at affordable prices in the Switzerland.

This information for all who are searching for Burger King menu, Burger King geneva, Burger King zurich, or Burger King near me. Always keep prices in may differ based on store locations and ongoing offers.

If you are searching specific Burger King breakfast menu items or Burger King Lunch menu we listed all in this article. Don’t delay now, choose your favorite favorite dish from our Burger King Prix Menu or Burger King Switzerland prices. Satisfy your hunger at an affordable price without compromising on taste and quality in BK Switzerland.

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