Does Burger King Accept Venmo Pay?

Does Burger King Accept Venmo Pay? Burger King accepts payments in two ways, through the online app and in-store purchases. The question whether Burger King accepts Venmo Pay for in-store purchases has a surprising answer. Venmo Pay has a user base of over 80 million and a big brand like Burger King is on its way to provide more convenience to these users.

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Does Burger King Accept Venmo Pay?

Does Burger King Accept Venmo Pay

Yes, Burger King now accepts payments via Venmo Pay but you can only use it to pay on its official app and You can choose your meal online from Burger King and choose Venmo Pay for payment method at checkout.

Burger King has partnered with PayPal for the payment method. Currently, PayPal owns Venmo Pay, so it just means they have to enable mobile payments. You can now link your Venmo Pay account to the BK app and use payments directly from Venmo. This is an excellent method for those who prefer contactless payment methods.

But there is nothing clear yet regarding in-store purchases.

While Venmo integration now exists within the Burger King app, using Venmo directly at physical stores could be quite a different story. Yet because there has been no official confirmation from Burger King about accepting Venmo for in-store transactions.

Why are you saying this here because we know something;

  • Limited information: BK has not yet explicitly listed Venmo as an accepted payment option for in-store purchases on its website or app.
  • Individual Franchise Decision: As we know Burger King works through a franchise model. Individual franchise owners have some discretion regarding accepted payment methods. It’s possible that some Burger King locations may accept Venmo Pay in stores, but there’s no guarantee.

Burger King in-store Purchasing Options

If you do not accept Venmo at a specific Burger King location, you have two options which include the traditional payment method of cash, credit card and debit card and second, if your credit card or debit card is linked to the Burger King app , so you can do that. Place mobile orders for in-store purchases easily through the app’s functionality.

What is Past Promotion on Venmo Pay?

In 2020, Burger King ran a promotion in which they sent $1 to random customers via Venmo to encourage them to try their new value menu. Although this isn’t a permanent integration, it does offer a glimpse of a future where Venmo could be more widely accepted for in-store purchases.

Stay Updated Venmo Pay integration

Burger King alone, along with many other fast-food chains, is constantly evolving its payment options. Bookmark our website ( or keep an eye on the website or app for updates about accepted payment methods, including possible future expansion of Venmo use.


Now, it has been confirmed that you can pay for your order using Venmo Pay for mobile orders through the Burger King app or website. However, right now you can use cash, credit cards, and debit cards for in-store purchases. If you’re still confused, it’s a good idea to call your nearest Burger King location to confirm and inquire about their payment methods.

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