Does Burger King Broil Their Burgers? Need To Know

Does Burger King broil their burgers? BK has been boasting a unique method of cooking burgers for the past 60 years that strongly advocates the use of flame-broiling. Burger King acknowledged that flame-broil is a part of creating the burger’s iconic taste and texture.

Yes, Burger King broil their burgers to get that crispy taste and texture. But what exactly is flame-grilling, and how does it contribute to flavor and texture?

Does Burger King Broil Their Burgers?

Does Burger King Broil Their Burgers

Yes, over the 60 years Burger King broil its burgers. They specifically use the flame-broiling method which is a type of broiling. So if you are fond of broiled burgers then this is very good news for you.

There are many burger items but the Whopper is one of the best-selling and flavorful items on the Burger King menu.

Flame-Broiling vs. Grilling: What’s the Difference?

Flame-broiling and grilling are both cooked over an open flame, yet there is a big and important difference that differentiates the taste from each other.

Flame-broiling uses a conveyor belt system, in which the food moves along the belt, passing open flames but not coming into direct contact. This method allows for even cooking while minimizing burning.Grilling usually involves placing food on a grate so that the food comes in direct contact with the flame, but this poses a risk of the food burning.

Benefits of Burger King’s Broiling Burger

There is no doubt that using the broiling system greatly increases Burger King’s cooking efficiency, but we will only look at the benefits of Burger King’s broiler from the customer’s perspective.

  • Flavor:- Open flames caramelize the surface of the patties, creating a distinctive savory flavor with a smoky flavor.
  • Juiciness:- Since the patties aren’t directly over the flames, they retain more of their natural juices, resulting in a more flavorful and satisfying meal.

How Does Burger King Cook Their Burgers?

Burger King cooks burgers on flame-grilling using a specific temperature and time, giving the burgers distinct flavors. Here’s the flame broil process from BK.

  • Preparation:- Frozen, pre-formed patties are loaded onto a metal tray.
  • Placing in Broiler:- Patties dough tray slides into the flame broiler near to open flames.
  • Into Conveyor Belt:- The conveyor belt moves the trays through the broiler, ensuring that the flames sear the patties on top.
  • Flipping:- While the conveyor belt automates the process, trained staff flips the patties timely to brown them evenly..
  • Temperature:- Once the patties reach the set internal temperature, they are removed from the broiler.
  • Final Burger:- Now the patties are ready to complete the burger base. Typical burger order with toppings like cheese, lettuce, and onions.

What is the Burger King Flame Broiled flavor?

Burger King flame-broiling burgers deliver great flavor that no one else is offering. Open flames deliver that classic cooked, smoky, deep, rich flavor and add another layer of complexity, and because the flames don’t directly sear the meat, the patty remains juicy to the touch, resulting in more Tastes delicious and satisfying.


Does Burger King Microwave Their Burgers?

Burger King primarily uses flame-broiling to cook its patties, which we all know. But in some cases, Burger King may use the microwave to reheat pre-cooked patties.

How Does Burger King Grill Their Burgers?

Burger King does not grill their burgers, they only flame grill so that the burgers are cooked perfectly on all sides and do not burn.

Are Whoppers Grilled?

At Burger King, the Whoppers are not grilled, but cooked using flame-broiling. This is an important part of Burger King’s classical burger taste that is different from others.

Is Burger King Flame-Broiled Chemical?

No, I did not find any specific “flame-broiled chemicals” on BK burgers. They cook the burgers using flame-broil which is a cooking method itself and not a chemical process.

Does Burger King Still Use the Insta Broiler?

No, Burger King no longer uses the Insta-Broiler, although they used it decades ago and discontinued it because it was not ideal.


Burger King cooks its patties using flame-broil, which gives the distinctive flavor that defines Burger King. If you were looking for “Does Burger King broil their burgers” then don’t worry, this taste is not found anywhere else except BK.

On the other hand, whether this translates into a better burger experience for some people or not for others is entirely subjective, but there’s no doubt that flame-broiling is a defining feature of Burger King.

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