Who Sings The Burger King Song (Will Crown)

Whopper Whopper” jingle. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a catchy earworm that burrows into your heart and mind and its lyrics and music refuse to get out. But who sings the Burger King song, who is the voice behind this Burger King hit called “The Crown“.

Burger King is popular for its delicious food menu items. This great ad is responsible for making Burger King’s classic Whopper even more popular. BK has always done something out of the box in its advertisements.”Whopper Whopper” as part of advertising campaign in 2023 and collaboration “Will Crown Burger King“.

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Who Sings The Burger King Song?

Will Crown Burger King

Will Crown is the singer of the Burger King song “Whopper Whopper”, however, he is not a jingle-singing veteran. He is actually a member of the hip-hop group “Crown And The M.O.B“. Which makes its involvement in the Burger King Whopper even more interesting.

How To Deal With Will Crown Burger King?

Will Crown’s “Whopper Whopper” song for Burger King is as unpredictable as the jingle. In an interview with The Roz and Mocha Show on Kiss 92.5, Crown revealed it was pure chance. He was simply in the studio when the jingle was being worked on. “They happened to be working on the Burger King spot already,” he said, “and when I walked in, they say, ‘Hey, you know what, give it a try'”.

That serendipitous moment turned into a viral sensation. Crown’s unique delivery, a blend of spoken word and rap, perfectly captures the jingle’s quirky, almost self-aware tone. The song, with its unconventional melody and lyrics such as “Burger, burger, lettuce, lettuce”, became a hit, being both praised and parodied for its extreme memorability.

What To Get Both With This Jingle?

The success of the “Whopper Whopper” jingle was not a one-time victory. Will Crown’s voice has become synonymous with Burger King advertising. He is currently doing a lot of jingles for Burger King, which come out from time to time.

The Crown seems to have turned out to be the best version of Burger King’s voice recognition yet. Both Will Crown and Burger King are getting what they want from this endorsement deal. Increase in Burger King’s revenue, and the crown of money and popularity.

A Hip-Hop Voice for Burger King (Fast Food)

Crown’s involvement in the campaign symbolizes the fascinating intersection of the worlds of hip-hop and fast food. Hip-hop, a genre known for its focus on social commentary and street culture, was an unusual choice for Burger King when they used hip-hop in their advertising.

However, Crown’s voice brings warmth to the unexpected coldness in the campaign, reminding us how even the most established brands can benefit from a fresh perspective.


Hop you get answer and much about “Who Sings The Burger King Song“. We’ve seen how great the “Whopper Whopper” jingle has been, and while the future of other recent hiphop commercials remains to be seen, Crown’s role in its creation is undeniable.

Will Crown Burger King take a risk and turn the viral ad into a cultural phenomenon? After the huge success of this commercial, Burger King and Will Crown worked on more hip hop advertising videos.

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