Burger King Arak

Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in Hungary, which offers a wide range of tasty dishes. If you are looking for Burger King Arak, here you can get the latest Burger King menü árak.

The first Burger King restaurant opened in Budapest, Hungary in 1991, Burger King’s menu includes all the foods that Hungarians usually love.

The Burger King Italia menu offers you several categories such as Burgerek, Long Burgerek, Csirke, Kosarak, Saláták, Reggeli, Italok, Kávék, Kiegeszitök, desszertek and King Jr. menü. Here you choose any delicious meal from our Burger King Menu Prices Hungary.

Burger King has 51 BK stores in Hungary, they are always introducing new limited-time dishes and flavors to the Burger King menu that are influenced by Hungarian flavors. Burger King menu prices depend largely on what you want. Its Whopper Sandwich is an iconic item that is the best example of great food at affordable price. BK is the only company using the flame grill cooking method which always gives uniform texture, color and cooking results.

In this article you will get all the Burger King Menù árak, Burger King Reggeli Menu, Burger King Time, Burger King étlap árak and much more. We provide all Hungary Burger King étlap árak with calories.

Burger King Arak

I understand that you are hungry and looking for Burger King árak so that you can choose the affordable best meal item from BK that can satisfy your food cravings. Take a minute to check out Burger King restaurant árak by category;

Burger King Burgerek Menù (Beef)

If you are looking for a premium burger with great value for money then fan favorite and BBQ lover burger is the right choice for you. Keep a note of this section where you can find that BK offers a wide range of premium Burgerek at affordable prices.

Burger King Arak
Tétel KcalÁrak
Fan Favorite12902,590 Ft
Fan Favorite Menu3,420 Ft
Bull’s Eye BBQ Lover14062,640 Ft
Bull’s Eye BBQ Lover Menu3,590 Ft
Plant-Based Whopper6401,620 Ft
Plant-Based Whopper King Menü2,540 Ft
Bacon King12882,510 Ft
Bacon King Menü3,640 Ft
Gluten-free Whopper8032,020 Ft
Gluten-free Whopper King Menü2,940 Ft
Chili Cheese Bacon King13452,510 Ft
Chili Cheese Bacon King Menu3,640 Ft
Vegetarian Whopper5901,620 Ft
Vegetarian Whopper King Menu2,540 Ft
Bacon King Jr.6441,590 Ft
Bacon King Jr. King menu2,510 Ft
Whopper7261,620 Ft
Whopper King Menü2,540 Ft
Double Whopper10581,920 Ft
Double Whopper King Menu2,840 Ft
Whopper with Bacon and Cheese8681,940 Ft
Whopper with bacon and cheese King Menu2,860 Ft
Double Chili Cheese Burger6091,390 Ft
Double Chili Cheese Burger King Menu2,310 Ft
Double Cheeseburger5251,280 Ft
Double Cheeseburger King Menü2,200 Ft
Whopper Jr368990 Ft
Whopper Jr King Menu1,910 Ft
Whopper Jr. with Cheese8121,160 Ft
Whopper Jr. with Cheese Menu2,260 Ft
Cheeseburger340650 Ft
Cheeseburger menu1,170 Ft
Chili Cheese Burger356690 Ft
Chili Cheese Burger menu1,210 Ft
Hamburger297610 Ft
Hamburger menu1,130 Ft

Burger King Long Burgerek (Beef & Chicken)

The Burger King Hungary menù is a great place to find unmatched flavor, affordable prices, ultra-premium long sandwiches, and more premium beef burger items with an unforgettable taste. Keep this section in mind where you can find local flavor at great prices, here are Burger King Arak;

Tétel KcalÁrak
Chicken Royal5991,690 Ft
Chicken Royal Menu2,610 Ft
Xtra Long Chili Cheese8451,690 Ft
Xtra Long Chilis Cheese King Menu2,610 Ft
Long Big King5851,590 Ft
Long Big King Menu2,610 Ft

Burger King Csirke (Chicken)

If you are a fan of Csirke burger at Hungrain BK restaurant then you can check out the Burger King menu Csirke with prices in Hungary. This is a great way to get delicious chicken burgers at an affordable price.

Burger King Csirke (Chicken)
Tétel KcalÁrak
Chicken Fan Favorite11952,590 Ft
Chicken Fan Favorite Menu3,420 Ft
Chicken Bull’s Eye BBQ Lover9782,790 Ft
Chicken Bull’s Eye BBQ Lover Menu3,590 Ft
Chicken Royal5991,690 Ft
Chicken Royal Menu2,610 Ft
Chili Cheese Crispy Chicken3711,470 Ft
Chili Cheese Crispy Chicken Menu2,320 Ft
Crispy Chicken4131,470 Ft
Crispy Chicken2,320 Ft
Chicken Bacon King7732,570 Ft
Chicken Bacon King Menu3,420 Ft
Nuggets Burger397690 Ft
Nuggets Burger Menu1,440 Ft
King Chicken Deluxe Breast6472,240 Ft
King Chicken Deluxe Breast Menu3,090 Ft

Burger King Kosarak Menu (Basket)

This section is for those who have a big stomach or want to share food with family or friends, you can check this category where you can find all Burger King Basket menu. Find your delicious Chicken Burger basket with prices and calories, check Burger King prices;

Tétel KcalÁrak
Solo Basket9961,990 Ft
Spicy Solo Basket9081,990 Ft
22 Double Basket1,6563,090 Ft
Duo Basket1,3694,090 Ft
Giga Basket2,4748,090 Ft

Burger King Saláták Menu

If you are health conscious, no problem, Burger King Hungary has some of the best salads for those who want a low carb meal or a lighter meal, here is where you can find some of Burger King’s salad menu, here are the BK menu prices for the salad menu in Hungary.

Tétel KcalÁrak
Littlee Salad336740 Ft
King Salad base9961,190 Ft
Yogurt Dressing150320 Ft
Caesar Dressing72320 Ft
Balsamic Vinegar sauce231320 Ft
Basic King Salad with Medium Soft drink12421,400 Ft

Burger King Italok (Cold Drinks)

Burger King Hungary has a wide range of soft drinks selections, where you can choose bewerage as per your desire, here is the Burger King clod drinks menus prices.

Tétel KcalÁrak
Peach-flavored Zero Iced Tea8690 Ft
Lemon Flavored Zero Iced Tea8690 Ft
San Benedetto Non-Carbonated Mineral Water0490 Ft
Happy Day multivitamin 0.2l102640 Ft
Coca-Cola180560 Ft
Coca-Cola Zero0560 Ft
Fanta Zero5560 Ft
Sprite Zero5560 Ft
Ginger (Kinley)108620 Ft
OREO Shake5661260 Ft
Salt Caramel Shake4971260 Ft
Raspberry Cheesecake Shake6611260 Ft
Lemon Fuze Tea95590 Ft
Orange Juice86740 Ft
Green Fuze Tea With Lemon5640 Ft
Sió Apple Juice86660 Ft
Original Green Monster Energy237740 Ft
Zero Monster11680 Ft
NaturAqua Carbonated Mineral Water0490 Ft
NaturAqua Non-Carbonated Mineral Water0490 Ft
Coca-Cola 0.33l0690 Ft
Coca-Cola Zero 0.33l0690 Ft
Fanta 0.33l0690 Ft
Sprite 0.33l0690 Ft

Burger King Kávék & Tea Menu (Hot Drinks)

After a great meal, may you are looking for Coffee or Trea menu at Burger King Hungary, they hasve sufficiant range of hot drinks menu item, here you can choose hot bewerage as per your desire, see the Burger King hot drinks menus prices.

Tétel KcalÁrak
Tea0740 Ft
Espresso Coffee31840 Ft
Double Espresso Coffee42990 Ft
Long Coffee31820 Ft
Double Long Coffee42970 Ft
Cappuccino65820 Ft
Double Cappuccino109970 Ft
Latte Macchiato1151,020 Ft
Double Latte Macchiato176 Ft1,140
Macchiato37860 Ft

Burger King Kiegeszitök (Snack) Menu

The Burger King Hungary Kiegeszitök menus offers a wide variety of snacks including fries, nuggest, and more at affordable prices without compromising on quality and flavor. If you are looking for Burger King snacks prices in Hungary, here you can get all Burger King Arak;

Tétel KcalÁrak
Gouda Cheese Bites (5 pcs)278990 Ft
Gouda Cheese Bites Menu (5 pcs)1,740 Ft
Gouda Cheese Bites (8 pcs)4451,340 Ft
Gouda Cheese Bites Menu (8 pcs)2,340 Ft
French Fries (Small)200890 Ft
French Fries (Medium)314970 Ft
French Fries (XXL)6721,040 Ft
Sweet Potatoes1621,050 Ft
Onion Rings (8 pcs)3521,070 Ft
Onion Rings Menu (8 pcs)1,840 Ft
Onion Rings (12 pcs)5281,440 Ft
Onion Rings Menu (12 pcs)2,050 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets (4 pcs)2251,690 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets Menu (4 pcs)2,470 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets (6 pcs)3382,080 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets Menu (6 pcs)2,560 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets (9 pcs)5062,210 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets Menu (9 pcs)2,690 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets (20 pcs)11262,990 Ft
Spicy King Nuggets Menu (20 pcs)3,530 Ft
King Nuggets (4 pcs)1651,210 Ft
King Nuggets Menu (4 pcs)1,840 Ft
King Nuggets (6 pcs)2471,540 Ft
King Nuggets Menu (6 pcs)2,410 Ft
King Nuggets (9 pcs)3701,690 Ft
King Nuggets Menu (9 pcs)2,840 Ft
King Nuggets (20 pcs)8232,570 Ft
King Nuggets Menu (20 pcs)3,280 Ft
Chili Cheese Nuggets (5)256990 Ft
Chili Cheese Nuggets (7)3581,210 Ft

Burger King‘s Sauces & Dressings

Sauces and dressings kicking up your food flavor, they adopting local taste, or standardizing then you should try Burger King’s Dip sauces. Burger King serves a wide range of sauces in Hungary. Here is the BK sauces & dressings price list;

Tétel KcalÁrak
Heinz Ketchup26280 Ft
Heinz Mayonnaise160280 Ft
Heinz Chili Cheese Sauce35280 Ft
Heinz Salsa Sauce23280 Ft
Heinz Curry-Mango Sauce83280 Ft
Heinz Sweet and Sour Sauce36280 Ft
Caesar Dressing231320 Ft
Yogurt Dressing150320 Ft
Balsamic Vinegar Dressing72320 Ft
Heinz BBQ35280 Ft

Burger King Desszertek Menu

Enjoy Burger King’s dessert menu offering many sweet items across Hungary. If you like sweets then this is your last stop. Here you can find almost all the sweets menu, but it may vary according to your BK store location.

Tétel KcalÁrak
Polka Dot Shake8131,490 Ft
Polka Dot King Fusion3561,490 Ft
Coffee Shake4541,260 Ft
Salt Caramel Shake4971,260 Ft
Raspberry Cheesecake Shake6611,260 Ft
OREO Shake5661,260 Ft
Strawberry Biscuit King Fusion3261,490 Ft
Oreo King Fusion2811,490 Ft
Oreo King Fusion with Chocolate Topping3461,540 Ft
Oreo King Fusion with Salted Caramel Topping3591,540 Ft
Oreo-Raspberry Cheesecake King Fusion5861,490 Ft
Oreo King Fusion with Strawberry Topping5861,490 Ft
Ice cream with Chocolate Flavored Topping398590 Ft
Ice cream with Strawberry Topping379590 Ft
Ice cream with Salted Caramel Topping414590 Ft
Brownie Cheesecake291940 Ft
Brownie with Ice Cream424940 Ft
Belgian Waffles392940 Ft
Mini Pancakes276940 Ft
Funnel Ice Cream160390 Ft

Burger King King Jr. Menü

If you are looking for the Burger King kids meal menu in Hungary, you will find everything you need for your convenience in choosing a meal for kids in our Burger King “King Junior Kids Meal” menu. Check out the Burger King kids meals prices below.

Tétel KcalÁrak
Kid’s Cheeseburger338720 Ft
King Jr Cheeseburger Menu1,590 Ft
Kid Hamburger294720 Ft
King Jr Hamburger Menu1,590 Ft
King Jr (4 db) Nuggets Menü1,590 Ft

Whats on Burger King Reggeli Menu in Hungary

If you are looking for Burger King Hungarian breakfast, they don’t have too many options for breakfast. Here you can find the breakfast menu at Burger King to start your day with a super breakfast. See the below Burger King reggeli menu

Tétel KcalÁrak
Bacon And Egg Sandwich3961,470 Ft
Bacon And Egg Sandwich with Cheese3522,010 Ft
Toast144690 Ft
Cheese Toast 2311,140 Ft
Bacon Cheese Toast2861,320 Ft

Burger King Opening Time

Monday08:00 AM–12:00 AM
Tuesday08:00 AM–12:00 AM
Wednesday08:00 AM–12:00 AM
Thursday08:00 AM–12:00 AM
Friday08:00 AM–12:00 AM
Saturday08:00 AM–12:00 AM
Sunday08:00 AM–12:00 AM

Burger King King Breakfast Hours

Although Hungarian Burger Kings have dedicated menu items for breakfast, there is no clear information about Burger King breakfast hours on the website or app. Breakfast hours at Burger King are usually from 6:00 am to 10:30 am worldwide.

If you want to know the exact information about Burger King breakfast times in Hungary, you should visit or call your nearest Burger King restaurant.

Monday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Thursday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Friday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Saturday07:00 AM–11:00 AM
Sunday07:00 AM–11:00 AM

Burger King King Lunch Hours

Hungrian Burger King does not specify “lunch hours” on its menu. Although you can still order lunch after breakfast hours end, breakfast usually ends at 10:30.

It’s worth noting that Burger King’s breakfast menu items won’t be visible throughout the day. If you are looking for a Burger King lunch menu with prices in Hungary, you can choose any of the meals listed by category in this article above.

Monday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Tuesday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Wednesday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Thursday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Friday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Saturday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Sunday10:30 AM–12:00 AM
Note: Most Burger King operating hours are from 8 am to 12 am (midnight) in Hungary but can vary depending on the BK restauran location, with Burger King operating hours varying significantly. It is advisable to visit the official website or your nearest Burger King store to know the exact operating hours.To find more details Burger King Hungary

Is Burger King is Halal in Hungary?

No, Hungarian Burger King does not have a Halal certified menu, But if you are looking for halal food in Hungary at Burger King, you can directly ask your nearest Burger King restuarant to get the exact information.

Zabihah is a restaurant directory where all halal restaurants operating in Hungary are listed. We did not find Burger King Hungary listed on Zabihah, which indicates that it is not halal certified.

We have also done deep research about BK Halal certification, we did not find any type of Halal certification, as we know Burger King works on franchise mode, that means individual franchisees can take their own decisions.

If you are a Muslim, Hungrian respect your food habits, so I would advise you to directly contact your nearest Hungrian Burger King, only they will be able to give you the correct information.


Does Burger King Have Rewards offers in Hungary?

Yes, Burger King provides rewards to its customers in the name of Royal Perks. We have a dedicated article on how you can earn Burger King Rewards.

Does Burger King Offer Breakfast In Hungary?

Yes, Hungarian Burger King has a dedicated with limited breakfast menu items, but it is also possible that some franchises include a greater variety of breakfast items on their menu.

How to Get Burger King Coupons?

If you want Burger King coupons in Hungary, you have to sign up, after completing the sign up you will receive BK coupons or offers directly by email or notification.

How Many Burger Kings Are There in Hungary?

51 Burger King restaurants in Hungary, the first Burger King restaurant opened in Budapest, Hungary in 1991.

What Time Does Burger King Close in Hungary?

There are 51 Burger King restaurants throughout Hungary. The closing time of Burger King in the country is usually 12 am (midnight), but some operate 24 hours.

Are Burger King Gluten Free in Hungary?

Burger King Hungary’s menu is completely gluten-free, but they do have special dishes for people with gluten sensitivities. Their most prominent gluten-free offering is the Gluten-Whopper.

Is Burger King Good for Bulking?

While Burger King is a good source of calories and protein, keep in mind that it is high in saturated fat and low in vitamins, minerals and fiber. You should focus on lean proteins like grilled chicken, skip the mayo and consider healthier items.


Hope eng of this “Burger King Arak” article, you got all the information about Burger King menü árak with calories. Hungrian Burger King offers a wide range of food item options at affordable price point.

This information will help who are searching for burger king étlap, burger king menü, burger king kecskemét, burger king árak, burger king reggeli, burger king kalória, burger king kupon, burger king fagyi, or burger king szendvicsek. Prices may always vary depending on store locations and ongoing offers.

If you are searching specific Burger King breakfast menu items or Burger King Lunch menu we listed all in this article. Don’t delay now, choose your favorite dish from our Burger King Menu Prices Hungary or Burger King Hungary menu with prices. Satisfy your hunger at an affordable price without compromising on taste and quality in BK Italy.

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