Burger King Menù Prezzi Italia

Burger King is a one of the popular fast food chain Italy that comes with a wide range of delicious meals. If you are looking for the Burger King Menù Prezzi, here you can get all latest Burger King Italy menu Prezzi.

At this time, the Burger King restaurant needs no introduction in Italy. The first Burger King restaurant opened in Milan, Italy in 1999, Burger King’s menu includes all the items that are commonly loved by Italiani.

The Burger King Italia menu offers you several categories such as Best Seller, Italian Kings, Manzo, Pollo, Snack, Insalate & Wrap, Dessert, King Junior Meal, and Bevande e caffè.. Here you choose any delicious meal from our Burger King Menu Prices Italy.

Burger King has over 262 BK stores in Italy, they are always introducing new limited-time dishes and flavors to the Burger King menu that are influenced by Italian flavors. Burger King menu prices depend largely on what you get. Its Whopper Sandwich is an iconic item that is the best example of great taste. BK is the only company using the flame grill cooking method which always gives uniform texture, color and cooking results.

In this article you will get all the Burger King Menù Prezzo, Burger King Breakfast Menu, Burger King Time, Burger King tutti i panini and much more. We provide all Burger King menu Italia Prices with calories.

Burger King Menù Prezzi Italia

I understand that you are hungry and looking for Italian Burger King Menu prices so that you can choose the affordable best dish from BK that can satisfy your food cravings. Take a minute to check out Burger King restaurant menu prices by category;

Burger King Best Seller Menù

If you are looking for a delicious premium burgers that gives value for money with unmatched flavor then the best saller menu is the right choice for you. Keep this section in mind where you can find BK offers wide range premium panini at affordable price.

Prodotti Prezzo
The Speck & Asiago burger Menù15,70 €
The Pecorino Romano & Scamorza Burger Menù16,70 €
The ‘Nduja Burger Menù14,70 €
Bacon King 3.0. Smokey Menù15,80 €
The Parmigiano Reggiano Burger Menù15,70 €
Bacon King 3.0 Menù15,80 €
Bacon King Menù14,00 €
Chicken Bacon King Menù14,00 €
Crunchicken Menù13,40 €
Whopper Menù12,20 €
Bronx Steakhouse Menù14,30 €

Burger King Italian Kings Burger

The Burger King Italia menù is a great place to find unmatched flavor, affordable prices, ultra-premium sandwiches, and more premium beef burger items with an unforgettable taste. Keep this section in mind where you can find local cuisine at great prices, here are Burger King prezzi;

Prodotti CaloriesPrezzo
The Speck & Asiago Burger (Solo panino)94911,60 €
The Speck & Asiago Burger Meal15,70 €
The Parmigiano Reggiano Burger (Solo panino)104411,60 €
The Parmigiano Reggiano Burger Meal15,70 €
The Pecorino Romano & Scamorza Burger (Solo panino)105211,60 €
The Pecorino Romano & Scamorza Burger Meal15,70 €

Burger King Manzo

If you are a fan of Manzo Panini at Italia BK then you can check out the Panini Burger King menu with prices in Italy. This is a great way to get delicious beef burgers at an affordable price.

Panini Burger King menu prezzi
Prodotti CaloriesPrezzo
The Pecorino Romano & Scamorza Burger (Solo panino)125011,20 €
The ‘Nduja Burger (Solo panino)48510,70 €
American Complete (Solo panino)61010,20 €
American Complete Menu14,30 €
Big King (Solo panino)4696,90 €
Big King Menu11,90 €
Bacon King (Solo panino)9617,70 €
Bacon King Menu14,00 €
Bacon King 3.0 (Solo panino)126211,70 €
Bacon King 3.0 Menu15,80 €
Bacon King 3.0. Smokey (Solo panino)127211,70 €
Bacon King 3.0. Smokey Menu15,80 €
Bronx Steakhouse (Solo panino)93810,20 €
Bronx Steakhouse Menu14,30 €
Whopper (Solo panino)6838,00 €
Whopper Menu12,20 €
Double Whopper (Solo panino)8729,80 €
Double Whopper Menu14,00 €
Triple Whopper (Solo panino)109711,30 €
Triple Whopper Menu15,40 €
Whopper Jr. (Solo panino)3476,50 €
Whopper Jr. Meal10,70 €
Big King XXL (Solo panino)9809,40 €
Big King XXL Menu13,90 €
Double Cheese Bacon (Solo panino)4407,20 €
Double Cheese Bacon Menu11,40 €
Double Cheeseburger (Solo panino)4196,60 €
Double Cheeseburger Menu10,80 €
Hamburger (Solo panino)2615,40 €
Cheeseburger (Solo panino)2865,40 €
Bacon King Toast (Solo panino)3254,40 €
King Toast (Solo panino)3384,40 €

Burger King Pollo Menu

If you are searching for Burger King Panini Pollo Menu then you can check this catogory where you can get all Burger King Chicken Menu to get delicious chicken burger prices with calories, here are Burger King prezzi;

italian Burger King prezzi
Prodotti CaloriesPrezzo
American Complete chicken (Solo panino)77710,20 €
American Complete chicken Menu14,30 €
Chicken Bacon King (Solo panino)6729,80 €
Chicken Bacon King Menu14,00 €
Crunchicken (Solo panino)6349,20 €
Crunchicken Menu13,40 €
Chicken Royale Bacon Cheese (Solo panino)7279,80 €
Chicken Royale Bacon Cheese Menu14,00 €
Chicken Royale (Solo panino)5817,80 €
Chicken Royale Menu11,90 €
Crispy Chicken (Solo panino)5256,60 €
Crispy Chicken Menu11,00 €
Chicken Burger (Solo panino)3962,60 €

Burger King Verdura (Plant Based) Menu

If you are a vegetarian then no worries, Burger King Italia has a dedicated category for vegetarians where you can get some of Burger King’s planty based burgers including the classic Whopper. Here are BK menu prices for vegetarians in Italy.

Prodotti Prezzo
Bronx Steakhouse (Solo panino)11,20 €
Bronx Steakhouse Menu16,20 €
Whopper (Solo panino)8,00 €
Whopper Menu12,20 €
Nugget Burger (Solo panino)6,80 €
American Complete (Solo panino)10,20 €
American Complete Menu14,30 €
Bacon King (Solo panino)9,80 €
Bacon King Menu14,00 €
Bacon King 3.0 (Solo panino)11,00 €
Bacon King 3.0 Menu15,80 €
Bacon King 3.0 Smokey (Solo panino)11,00 €
Bacon King 3.0 Smokey Menu15,80 €

Burger King Snack

The Italian Burger King side menus offers a wide variety of side including fries, nuggest, snakcs box and more at affordable prices without compromising on quality and flavor. If you are looking for Burger King Sides prices in Italy, here you can get all Burger King prezzi;

Prodotti Prezzo
King Toast2,90 €
King Nuggets 6 Pz6,20 €
King Nuggets 9 Pz7,30 €
King Nuggets 20 Pz12,40 €
King Fries XXL (Patatine)4,50 €
Griller Fries4,70 €
Bacon King Fries5,30 €
Chili Cheese Bites 6 Pz4,70 €
Chili Cheese Bites 9 Pz5,70 €
Onion Rings 8 Pz3,70 €
Onion Rings 12 Pz4,60 €
Onion Rings 16 Pz4,90 €
Chicken Wings 4 Pz4,60 €
Chicken Wings 8 Pz6,90 €
Plant Based Nuggets 6 Pz6,20 €
Tasty Snackbox7,50 €
Chicken Snackbox8,50 €
Friends Snackbox9,50 €

Burger King Insalate & Wrap Menu

Burger King Salads has limited menu items, if you are looking for healthy food at Burger King this section is great where you can get health salad items. Wraps are also available in the Burger King Italia offer, here you can find all BK Wrap prezzo.

Prodotti CaloriesPrezzo
Mixed salad348,80 €
Crispy Chicken Salad2937,80 €
Salad with Tuna407,80 €
Small Salad346,80 €
Crispy Chicken Wrap5278,50 €

Burger King Dessert Menu

Enjoy Burger King’s dessert menu offering many sweet items across Italia. If you like sweets then this is your last stop. Here you can find almost all the sweets menu, but it may vary according to your BK store location.

Prodotti Prezzo
King Fusion Lion3,50 €
King Fusion with Nutella3,50 €
Create your own King Fusion3,50 €
King Fusion Perugina3,50 €
King Fusion Oreos3,50 €
Sundae with Nutella3,00 €
Sundae Caramel3,00 €
Sundae Chocolate3,00 €
Sundae Strawberry3,00 €
Mini Caramel Sundae1,80 €
Mini Chocolate Sundae1,80 €
Mini Strawberry Sundae1,80 €
Sweet King Caramel1,40 €
Sweet King Oreos1,40 €
Nesquik Shake2,80 €
Nescafe Shake2,80 €
Oreo Shake2,80 €
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 460 ml7,90 €
Ben & Jerry’s Choco Fudge Brownie 460 ml7,90 €
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough 100 ml4,20 €
Ben & Jerry’s Choco Fudge Brownie 100 ml4,20 €
New York Cheesecake3,80 €
Yoghurt donut3,70 €
Red velvet cake3,70 €
Crown Caramel Soufflé with Ice Cream3,70 €
Crown Caramel Soufflé3,70 €
Carrot Cake3,80 €
Nutella Pancakes3,80 €
Apple pie3,70 €
Chocolate Muffins2,70 €
Berry Muffins2,70 €
Cream Donut1,80 €
Chocolate Donut1,80 €
Strawberry Donut1,80 €
Sugar Donut1,80 €
Empty Brioche1,30 €
Chocolate Brioche1,30 €
Cream Brioche1,30 €
Apricot Brioche1,30 €
Blueberry Multigrain Brioche1,30 €
Wholemeal Brioche With Honey1,30 €
Brownies2,70 €
Lime cheesecake3,80 €
Strawberry cake3,80 €

Burger King‘s King Junior Meal

If you are looking for the Burger King Kids Meal menu in Italia, you will find everything you need to make it convenient for you to choose meals for kids in our Burger King “King Jr. Kids Meal” menu. Check out the Burger King Kids Meal Prices below.

Prodotti Prezzo
King Junior menù Cheeseburger5,60 €
King Junior menù Toast5,60 €
King Junior menù Chicken Burger5,60 €
King Junior menù Burger5,60 €

Burger King Bevande e Caffè Menu

Burger King Italia has a wide range of drinks and coffee selections, where you can choose bewerage as per your desire, here is the Burger King Drinks & Coffee menus prices.

Prodotti Prezzo
Heineken5,50 €
Moretti Rossa5,50 €
Moretti White5,50 €
Ichnusa5,70 €
Coca Cola3,90 €
Coca Cola Zero3,90 €
Fantasy3,90 €
Sprites3,90 €
Still water1,30 €
Sparkling water1,30 €
Lemon Tea3,90 €
Te Pesca3,90 €
Monster Mango Loco4,30 €
Monster Energy4,30 €
Monster Ultra Zero4,30 €
Fresh Orange Juice3,90 €
Orange Juice I pay3,90 €
Espresso Macchiato1,30 €
Decaffeinated Espresso1,30 €
Double espresso1,30 €
Cappuccino1,40 €
Decaffeinated Cappuccino1,40 €
Barley Cappuccino1,40 €
Moroccan1,20 €
Moroccan Decaffeinated1,40 €
Moroccan Ginseng1,40 €
Barley1,20 €
Barley In Big Cup1,80 €
Spotted Barley1,80 €
Ginseng1,40 €
Ginseng In Big Cup1,80 €
Ginseng Macchiato1,40 €
American coffee2,20 €
Decaffeinated American Coffee2,20 €
Latté1,20 €
Decaffeinated Latte Macchiato2,20 €
Barley Latte Macchiato2,20 €
Ginseng Latte Macchiato2,20 €
Hot chocolate1,20 €
Hot Tea1,20 €
Herbal tea1,20 €
Expressed1,20 €
Coffee With Cream1,80 €
Warm milk1,20 €

Burger King Salse Menu

Enhancing the flavor of your food, adopting local taste, or standardizing then you should try Burger King’s Dip sauces. Burger King serves a wide range of sauces in Italy. Here is the BK dis sauces price list;

Prodotti Prezzo
Heinz Ketchup0,80 €
Heinz Mayo0,80 €
Heinz Honey Mustard0,80 €
Heinz Extra Hot Sauce0,80 €
Heinz Curry Sauce – Mango0,80 €
Heinz Sweet and sour sauce0,80 €
Heinz BBQ sauce0,80 €

Whats on Burger King Breakfast Menu in Italy

If you’re looking for the Burger King Italian breakfast, they don’t offer a specific breakfast menu. I checked several Burger King Italia menus online and none listed breakfast items, including the official Burger King Italia website.

It is common to miss breakfast at Burger King locations around the world as they typically focus on lunch and dinner.

However, Burger King Italy offers a variety of food menu options in Italy, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, snacks, and salads. You can choose any of them to satisfy your morning cravings.

It’s also possible that some Burger King locations may offer breakfast menu items, but for exact information, you can check with your nearest Burger King.

Burger King Opening Time

Monday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM–10:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM–10:00 PM

Burger King King Breakfast Hours

Although Italian Burger Kings do not have dedicated breakfast menu items, some Burger King stores in Italia serve food 24/7, and some are open early morning, so they are more likely to have breakfast hours.

If you are searching for Burger King Breakfast Hours then you should visit your nearest Burger King restaurant or check on the official website or app to get the exact information about it. Breakfast timings at Burger King are usually from 6:00 am to 10:30 am.

Monday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Thursday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Friday06:00 AM–10:30 AM
Saturday07:00 AM–11:00 AM
Sunday07:00 AM–11:00 AM

Burger King King Lunch Hours

Burger King Italia does not specify “lunch hours” on its menu. Although you can still order lunch after breakfast hours end, breakfast usually ends at 10:30.

It’s worth noting that Burger King’s breakfast menu items won’t be visible throughout the day. If you are looking for a Burger King lunch menu with prices in Italy, you can choose any of the meals listed by category in this article above.

Monday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Sunday10:30 AM–10:00 PM
Note: Most Burger King operating hours are from 11 am to 10 pm in Italy but can vary depending on the BK restauran location, with Burger King operating hours varying significantly. It is advisable to visit the official website or your nearest Burger King store to know the exact operating hours.To find more details Burger King Italia

Is Burger King is Halal in Italy?

No, Burger King italia does not have a Halal certified menu, But if you are looking for halal food on Italia Burger King, you can directly ask your nearest Burger King restuarant to get the exact information.

Although we have thoroughly researched about BK Halal Certification, we did not find any type of Halal Certification, as we know Burger King works on franchaise mode,This means that individual franchisees can make their own decisions.

If you are a Muslim, Italian respect your food habits, so I would advise you to directly contact your nearest Burger King Italia, only they will be able to give you the correct information.


Does Burger King Have Rewards in Italy?

Yes, Burger King provides rewards to its customers in the name of Royal Perks. We have a dedicated article on how you can earn Burger King Rewards.

Does Burger King Offer Breakfast In Italy?

No, Burger King Italia does not offer a dedicated breakfast menu, but it is quite possible that some franchises offer breakfast in their menu.

How to Get Burger King Coupons?

If you want Burger King coupons, you have to sign up, after completing the sign up you will receive BK coupons directly by email.

How Many Burger Kings Are There in Italy?

262 Burger King restaurants in Italy, the first Burger King restaurant opened in Milan, Italy in 1999.

What Time Does Burger King Close in Italy?

There are 262 Burger King restaurants throughout Italy. The closing time of Burger King in the country is usually 10 pm, but some operate 24 hours and some serve food till late night.

How to Get Free Burger King Crowns?

There is no way to get free crowns from BK, but sometimes they run offers to earn free crowns and double your crowns. Still, there are some rules by which you can get free Burger King Crown.

  • Download the Burger King app and get a free Crown.
  • Become a Royal Perks member to get a free crown.
  • The app has features like “Shake to Win” crowns.
  • Birthday Bonus Earn Double Crowns on all your Burger King purchases.

Is Burger King Menu all day?

No, Burger King does not have an all-day menu, usually with a separate breakfast menu available for a limited time in the morning.

Can I See a Burger King Menu?

Yes, you can view Burger King menu prices with calories on our website. You can also visit the official website to see the Burger King menu with prices and calories.


Hope eng of this “Burger King Menù Prezzi” article, you got all the Burger King Italy menu Prezzi information with calories. Italian Burger King offers a wide range of fast food menu options at affordable price point.

This information will help who are searching for panini burger king, burger king listino prezzi, listino prezzi burger king, or burger king vicino a me prezzo. Prices may always vary depending on store locations and ongoing offers.

If you are searching specific Burger King breakfast menu items or Burger King Lunch menu we listed all in this article. Don’t delay now, choose your favorite dish from our Burger King Menu Prices Italia or Burger King Italia menu with prices. Satisfy your hunger at an affordable price without compromising on taste and quality in BK Italy.

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