Burger King Precios | Lista De Precios BK España

Burger King Spain offers a wide range of delicious meals, including worlds popular Classic Whopper. If you are looking for the Burger King Menu Precios, you are on the right website. Here you can get all latest lista de precios Burger King España.

Burger King is always experimenting with new recipes to adopt local flavor, offers, promo codes to attract fast food lovers in Spain. Its flame-grilled cooking method cooks the food perfectly and sets it apart from all other fast food restaurants.

The Burger King España menu offers you several categories such as Menú Parrilla, Menú pollo, King JR, Angus, 100% Vegetariano, Sin gluten, Hamburguesas, Postres, Complementos, Menús Motor, King Ahorro, Salsas, Bebidas y cafés, and Ensaladas. Here you choose any delicious meal from our Carta Burger King Precios.

Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the world and has over the 650 BK restaurants in Spain. Burger King is known for its Whopper Sandwich, an iconic item, which is the excellent example of great taste and flavor. They use the flame grill cooking method which always gives uniform texture, color and cooking results.

In this article you will get all the Lista De Precios Burger King Espana, Burger King Breakfast Menu, Burger King Time and much more. We provide all Burger King Carta Precios with calories that are available in Spain.

Spenish Burger King Precios Spain

I understand that you are hungry and looking for lista de precios Burger Bing España so that you can choose the best dishes from BK that can satisfy your food cravings. Take a minute to check out Spanish Burger King prices by category;

Burger King Menú Parrilla

Burger King Menú Parrilla is the right choice for you, if you are looking delicious grilled beef burger that gives value for money with local flavor options. Keep in mind grilled Burger King section is constantly changing.

Items Precio
Menú Doble Cheeseburger BBQ8,75 €
Menú Doble Cheese Bacon XXL11,45 €
Menú Big King10,95 €
Menú Whopper8,95 €
Menú Big King XXL10,45 €
Menú Doble Steakhouse12,45 €
Menú Steakhouse10,45 €
Menú Doble Whopper11,45 €
Menú Triple Whopper12,45 €
Menú Cheddar Wave (2 Carnes)13,95 €
Menú Cheddar Wave (1 Carne)10,95 €
Menú Angus Grill (2 carnes)14,75 €
Menú Angus Grill (1 carne)12,75 €

Burger King Menú Pollo

If you are avoing beef or looking for chicken dish at Burger King Spain then you must try Burger King Menú Pollo. These are the great way to get flavored chicken at affordable price point.

Items Precio
Menú Long Chicken8,95 €
Menú CBK9,75 €
Menú Duo Bacon Cheddar – Doble Crispy8,75 €
Menú Crispy Chicken8,45 €
Menú Doble CBK10,75 €
Menú Chicken Wrap8,45 €
Menú Chicken Nuggets (x9)7,95 €
Menú Doble Crispy Chicken9,75 €
Menú Cheddar Wave Doble Crispy Chicken11,95 €
Menú Cheddar Wave Crispy Chicken9,95 €
Menú King Chicken10,45 €

Burger King “King JR

The Burger King King Jr. section is dedicated to letting your superhero enjoy great food at an affordable price. If you are looking for King Jr Burger King price here then choose your favorite dish to satisfy your hunger.

Items Precio
King Jr4,95 €
King Jr Sin Gluten4,95 €
King Jr Vegetal4,95 €

Burger King Angus

Exploring the Burger King Angus menu is a great way to taste the blended flavors of meat cooked with the Original Angus grill. Burger King Only the experts who did it. Here you can get the price of Burger King Angus Burger, choose your favorite and taste it for the next one.

Items Precio
Menú Angus Grill (1 carne)12,75 €
Menú Angus Grill (2 carnes)14,75 €
Angus Grill (1 carne)10,75 €
Angus Grill (2 carnes)12,95 €

Burger King 100% Vegetariano

Burger King doesn’t disappoint its Vegetarian fans, letting you enjoy amazing burgers made with 100% plant-based but rival the flavor of beef or chicken. Here you can get all burger items including calssic Whopper, Chose you Burger King 100% Vegetariano burger form our list to satisfy your hunger.

Items Precio
Menú Whopper Vegetal8,95 €
Nuggets vegetales (6)3,75 €
Long Vegetal6,95 €
Whopper Vegetal6,95 €
Menú Nuggets Vegetales (x9)8,75 €
Nuggets vegetales (9)4,95 €
Menú Long Vegetal8,95 €
Menú Doble Cheddar Wave Vegetal12,95 €
Menú Cheddar Wave Vegetal10,95 €
Doble Cheddar Wave Vegetal9,95 €
Cheddar Wave Vegetal8,45 €
Cubo de Nuggets vegetales (24)10,75 €

Burger King Sin Gluten

If you are looking for a gluten free meal at Burger King Spain, you should choose a meal from Burger King Sin Gluten. Almost all drinks are without glutin and some sweets without Gluten. Here you can find the sing glutin Burger King list.

Items Precio
Hamburguesa Sin Gluten
Cheeseburger Sin Gluten6,45 €
Menú Whopper Sin Gluten8,95 €
Burger Sin Gluten5,75 €
Whopper Sin Gluten6,95 €
Patatas Sin Gluten3,05 €
Beber Sin Gluten1,99 €
Zumo Frutas Tropicales1,99 €
Caprisun Tropical1,99 €
Coca-Cola2,99 €
Trina2,95 €
Agua mineral1,99 €
Coca-Cola Zero2,99 €
Coca-Cola Zero Zero2,99 €
Trina Zero lata2,95 €
Fanta Naranja Zero2,99 €
Sprite2,99 €
Fanta Limón Zero2,99 €
Nestea Sin Azúcar2,99 €
Monster Ultra White 500 ml3,75 €
Monster Energy 500 ml3,75 €
Monster Mango Loco 500 ml3,75 €
Aquarius Zero2,99 €
Postres Sin Gluten
Burger King Sandy Caramelo2,50 €
Burger King Sandy Chocolate2,50 €
Burger King Sandy Fresa2,50 €

Burger King Hamburguesas

If you are searching for hamburguesa burger king precio, in this section you will get all hamburguesa. Here you can find the list on our Burger King Menu Precio.

Items Precio
Doble Cheeseburger BBQ6,45 €
Crispy Chicken6,45 €
Long Chicken6,95 €
Chicken Wrap5,50 €
Whopper6,95 €
CBK7,45 €
Doble Cheese Bacon XXL7,95 €
Doble Steakhouse9,45 €
Duo Bacon Cheddar – Doble Crispy Chicken8,25 €
Big King6,95 €
Big King XXL7,95 €
Long Vegetal6,95 €
Doble Crispy Chicken7,75 €
Doble Whopper7,95 €
Steakhouse7,95 €
Triple Whopper9,75 €
Whopper Vegetal6,95 €
Cheddar Wave Doble Crispy Chicken9,45 €
Cheddar Wave (2 Carnes)9,95 €
Cheddar Wave Crispy Chicken8,45 €
Cheddar Wave (1 Carne)8,45 €
Angus Grill (2 carnes)12,95 €
Angus Grill (1 carne)10,75 €
King Chicken7,45 €

Burger King Postres

Burger King offers a variety of postres its menu items in Spain. We’ve listed all the Burger King Postres, although the exact selection may vary by your location, here’s their Burger King menu precio;

Items Precio
King Fusion Oreo3,45 €
Burger King Sandy Nutella2,75 €
Tarta Oreo3,45 €
King Fusion Kit Kat3,45 €
King Fusion con Nutella3,45 €
King Fusion Lacasitos3,45 €
King Fusion Milka Choco-galleta3,45 €
King Fusion Milka Oreo3,45 €
King Fusion Milka Original3,45 €
Oreo Shake2,75 €
Chocolate Oreo Shake3,45 €
Mini Ben & Jerry´s Chocolate Fudge 100 ML3,50 €
Burger King Sandy Chocolate2,50 €
Mini Ben & Jerry´s Strawberry Cheesecake 100 ML3,50 €
Ben & Jerry´s Cookie Dough 465 ML7,45 €
Ben & Jerry´s Strawberry Cheesecake 465 ML7,45 €
Mini Ben & Jerry´s Cookie Dough 100 ML3,50 €
Ben & Jerry´s Chocolate Fudge 465 ML7,45 €
Brownie3,45 €
Gofre con Nutella3,45 €
Burger King Sandy Caramelo2,50 €
Burger King Sandy Fresa2,50 €
Burger King Sandy Nutella2,50 €
Burger King Sandy Chocolate Blanco2,50 €
Magnum Almendrado (440ml)7,45 €
Cono Helado Con Nutella3,45 €
Gofre3,45 €
Danonino Petitdino Fresa1,25 €
Actimel 0% Fresa1,25 €

Burger King Complementos

Burger King Spain offers several complements options. If you want looking best complement with your burger, you can choose from Chili Cheese Bites, nuggets, fries, and more. Here is the full list of Burger King Complementos available in Spain.

Items Precio
Chicken Nuggets (6)3,75 €
Chili Cheese Bites (6)3,95 €
Alitas de pollo (6)5,75 €
Alitas de pollo (3)3,75 €
Patatas Supreme3,25 €
Patatas Clásicas3,25 €
Chicken Nuggets (9)4,95 €
Cubo de patatas clásicas5,25 €
King Supreme (+ Cheddar + Bacon)3,75 €
King Aros de Cebolla (10)3,25 €
Cubo de alitas (12)9,90 €
Cubo alitas (x8) + Nuggets (10)10,75 €
King Aros de Cebolla (7)2,95 €
King Fries (+ Cheddar + Bacon + Cebolla)4,55 €
Cubo King Aros8,95 €
King Fries (+ Cheddar + Bacon)3,75 €
Nuggets vegetales (9)4,95 €
Cubo Chili Cheese Bites8,95 €
Nuggets vegetales (6)3,75 €
Cubo de Nuggets (24)10,75 €
Chili Cheese Bites (9)4,95 €
King Aros de Cebolla (13)3,45 €
King Supreme (+ Cheddar + Cebolla)3,75 €
Cubo de patatas supreme5,25 €
King Supreme (+ Cheddar + Bacon + Cebolla)4,55 €
Patatas Sin Gluten3,05 €
King Fries (+ Cheddar + Cebolla)3,75 €
Cruncheese (8)5,25 €
Cruncheese (5)3,45 €
Cubo de Nuggets vegetales (24)10,75 €

Burger King Menús Motor

The best food is spending time with F1 racing, choose your best menus at Burger King between racing matches, choose Motor Menus from Burger King Spain to satisfy your hunger between F1 racing adventures.

Items Precio
Menú Mclaren F1 Team Whopper14,75 €
Menú Mclaren F1 Team Whopper Vegetal10,95 €
Menú Mclaren F1 Team CBK11,95 €
Menú Mclaren F1 Team Big King13,95 €
Menú Mclaren F1 Team Long Chicken14,75 €
Menú Mclaren F1 Team Long Vegetal12,75 €
Menú Mclaren F1 Team Steakhouse15,95 €

Burger King King Ahorro

Everyone wants to save money in some way or the other, so Burger King offers some special menus for you. If you are looking for some affordable meal combinations at Burger King, you will find it all in this section, no matter what your preference is. Choose your meal conbo at Burger King King Ahorro section.

Items Precio
King Ahorro Menú Crispy Chicken5,49 €
King Ahorro Menú Doble Cheeseburger BBQ5,49 €
King Ahorro Menú Cheeseburger4,49 €
King Ahorro Menú Chicken Burger4,49 €

Burger King Salsas

Enhancing the flavor of your food, adopting local taste, or standardizing then you should try Burger King Salsas. Burger King serves a wide range of sauces in Spain. Here is the Bebida Burger King precio list;

Items Precio
Salsa barbacoa0,60 €
Salsa mayonesa0,60 €
Sour cream0,60 €
Salsa miel y mostaza0,60 €
Salsa queso0,60 €

Burger King Bebidas Y Cafés

Proper drinking water is very important for a healthy body, so Burger King Spain offers all types of beverages, whether you want anything from water to soft drinks or juices or coffee. Here you can find Burger King Bebidas Y Cafés menus.

Agua mineral1,99 €
Coca-Cola Zero2,99 €
Coca-Cola Zero Zero2,99 €
Coca-Cola2,99 €
ZUMO Frutas Tropicales (200 ml)1,99 €
Caprisun Tropical 200 ml1,99 €
Fanta sandía2,99 €
Fanta Naranja2,99 €
Monster Mango Loco 500 ml3,75 €
Nestea2,99 €
Aquarius Limón2,99 €
Monster Ultra White 500 ml3,75 €
Cerveza sin alcohol2,95 €
Trina2,95 €
Trina Zero Lata 2,95 €
Cerveza2,95 €
Fanta Limón2,99 €
Sprite 2,99 €
Monster Energy 500 ml3,75 €
Monster Energy Green Zero Sugar3,75 €
Monster Energy 500 ml3,75 €
Monster Energy Green Zero Sugar3,75 €
Café Expresso2,45 €
Café Americano2,45 €
Café Capuccino2,45 €
Café Latte2,45 €
Café Macciato2,45 €
Café Descafeinado Expresso2,45 €

Burger King Ensaladas

Some people are health conscious but don’t want to give up Burger King, they are constantly looking for a great light dish. For them, Burger King offers a salad menu but it doesn’t have much variety. Choose your fevorite with our Burger King Ensaladas precios.

Ensalada original10,75 €
Ensalada con pollo crujiente y salsa césar11,75 €
Ensalada delight con pollo crujiente12,75 €

Whats on Burger King Breakfast Menú in Spain

If you search for Burger King breakfast carta in Spain, there is no breakfast item available. You can however order other items from Burger King’s breakfast menu and its all-day menu.

Enjoy breakfast at Burger King Spain, whether sweet or savory, BK Spain has something you will love. Add your favorite delicious hot beverage and much more. You can choose Burger King breakfast menu from the available menu items.

Some locations may offer the Burger King breakfast menu, this is because Burger King operates on a franchise basis, but there are certain breakfast hours you should be aware of.

Burger King Opening Time

Monday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM–11:00 PM
  • Opening Timings: Generally opening timings may be around 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM.
  • Closing Times: Closing times may be 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM, with some locations possibly staying open later on weekends.

Burger King King Breakfast Hours

Burger King Spain does not have a dedicated breakfast menu but there is no clear indication about Burger King breakfast times in Spain. Although Burger King serves breakfast from 6 am to 10:30 am, on weekends it closes the breakfast counter at 11:00 am.

It is quite possible that some Burger King restaurants in Spain serve food 24/7 in locations such as airports or metro stations, so they are more likely to have breakfast hours. If you are searching for Burger King Breakfast Hours then you should visit your nearest Burger King restaurant or check on the official website or app to get the exact information about it.

Burger King King Lunch Hours

Burger King Spain does not specifically specify “lunch hours” on its menu. However, if they do offer breakfast, it is a better option to order lunch after 10:30 am. It is noteworthy that Burger King offers almost all of its menu throughout the day. If you are looking for Burger King lunch menu with prices in Spain, you can choose any of the meals that are listed by category in this article above.

Monday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Sunday10:30 AM–11:00 PM
Note: Most Burger King operating hours are from 10 am to 11 pm in Spain but can vary depending on the BK restauran location, with Burger King operating hours varying significantly. It is advisable to visit the official website or your nearest Burger King store to know the exact operating hours.To find more details Burger King Spain

Is Burger King is Halal in Spain?

Burger King Spain does not offe Halal certified food, but if you are looking for Halal food in Burger King, then you will get the exact information from your nearest Burger King store. Although we have thoroughly researched their website, we have not found any kind of Halal certification.

If you are a Muslim, Spainish people respect your food habits, so I would advise you to directly contact your nearest Burger King store, only they will be able to give you the correct information. This is absolutely possible if the owner of the Burger King franchise is a Muslim.


Does Burger King Have Rewards in Spain?

Yes, Burger King provides rewards to its customers in the name of Royal Perks. We have a dedicated article on how you can earn Burger King Rewards.

Does Burger King Offer Breakfast In Spain?

No, Burger King Spain does not offer breakfast menu options, it is a better idea to call your nearest Burger King restaurant directly.

What is The Price of a Burger King Hamburger?

It is absolutely impossible to tell the exact price of a Burger King hamburger, as different locations may have different prices. For exact price of hamburger, call your nearest Burger King restaurant or get it from the website or BK app.

How Many Burger King are there in Spain?

Burger King has more than 650 stores in Spain, but there have been no official announcement. If you want real-time information then do visit the official website and find new section.

What is the Most Expensive Thing at Burger King?

If you’re curious about the most expensive thing at Burger King Spain, the answer is quite complicated because Burger King gives you the option of meal customization which changes the price. Generally, the food in Burger King’s motor menu category is found to be expensive.

Who is the owner of Burger King Spain?

Restaurant Brands Iberia (RBI), owns Burger King in Spain and Portugal.

What is Burger King CBK?

Burger King CBK stands for C for chicken, B for bacon and C for crunch (crispy). This is a typical burger from the Burger King menu that is gaining popularity in Spain.

What is the Most Popular Menu of Burger King?

Burger King’s most popular menu item in Spain is Whopper. It is famous for its cooking method that preserves the flavor and juice in the meal so you can get a delicious, juicy taste every time.


We are at the end of this “Burger King Precios | Lista De Precios BK España” article, hope you got all the Burger King Pricing information with calories. Burger King offers a wide range of fast food options at affordable prices in the Spain.

This information for all who are searching for Burger King menu, Burger King menu spain in englis, Burger King menu y precios, carta Burger King precios, or precio Burger King. Always keep prices in may differ based on restaurant locations and ongoing offers.

If you are searching specific Burger King breakfast menu items or Burger King Lunch menu we listed all in this article. Don’t delay now, choose your favorite favorite dish from our Burger King Menu Precio or Burger King Spain prices. Satisfy your hunger at an affordable price without compromising on taste and quality in BK Spain.

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